CPR Instruction

CPR Instruction

CPR Instruction

AHA Community First Aid & CPR Training Program

We offer free CPR and First Aid training (American Heart Association) to empower you with the skills needed to recognize and respond to life-threatening emergencies. Anyone can learn to save a life!

Our AHA course is certificate, rather than card-granting, and covers:


  • First Aid Medical Emergencies

  • First Aid Injury Emergencies

  • First Aid Environmental Emergencies

  • First Aid Prevention

Class Schedule:

Thursday, November 18 6:30-9pm @ Ohr Torah (West Orange)

Thursday, December 9 7:00-9:30pm @ Etz Chaim (Livingston)

Sunday, January 9 6-8:30pm @ AABJ&D (West Orange)

Tuesday, February 8 7-9:30pm @ Suburban Torah (Livingston)

Tuesday, March 29 8-10pm @ Chabad (West Orange)

Tuesday, May 10 10:45am-12:45pm @ JKHA/RKYHS (Livingston)

Thursday, June 16 7-9:30pm @ AABJ&D (West Orange)

Although the course is free, an $18 donation is suggested to help us defray our costs. For sponsorship information, please email info@hatzalahwol.org