Please be there for us, so that we can be there for you!

A wonderful way to honor an individual, a life event, a significant achievement or the memory of a loved one is to support the preservation of life.

To arrange a personal dedication please contact us at

Emergency Response Vehicle

Power Stretcher/Loader System

Automated CPR LUCAS Thumper

Sponsor One Responder


Equip One Responder


Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

EMT Course (Single Student)

Dispatcher Set-Up

Basic Life Support Equipment Bag

Patient Care Reporting iPad


Sponsor a Week of Calls


Two-Way Radio

Lifesaving Medications


Oxygen Tank




Sponsor a Call


Corporate Matching!

Did you know that many companies will support causes that are important to their employers by matching their donation? Most people are surprised to learn that with minimal effort they will double - and sometimes triple! - their gift. Not sure if your office offers a match? Search below!

Once submitted, please let us know at so that we can look out for the added donation. Thank you for your support!

Prefer to write a check? Please make your donation to Friends of Hatzalah of West Orange-Livingston at P.O. Box 245, West Orange, NJ 07052-0245.

My child has a life-threatening allergy to peanuts. He unknowingly ingested some at a party and immediately had difficulty breathing and broke out in hives. Hatzalah arrived in 2 minutes and after a rapid assessment, administered an Epi-Pen. His reaction was so bad that he needed a 2nd dose on the way to the hospital. I can’t imagine what our lives would look like today were it not for their efforts. - Aliza